Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dogs Character - Rebecca Meyer

Rebecca Meyer
Slightly confused but absolutely determined Dog from Bridal Falls

Rebecca was brought up by a good, Faithful family in Bridal Falls, horse ranchers who lived a comfortable life supplying travellers moving through the center of the Faith. She had a supportive, loving childhood free of hunger or extreme want, but as she became a woman it became clear to her that something was off. Rebecca was courted but received suitors cooly and without real interest. As the weight of expectations mounted, she began to realize that she was not attracted to men. She turned to the Faith. Doctrine told her that love between women is not virtuous (but is not a sin) while sex between women is a sin. Unmarried women are expected to accept the courtship of men and eventually marry, which is a loveless prospect for Rebecca.

Living in Bridal Falls, Rebecca saw Dogs come in green and untrained and go out into the world sure and steady, and also outside the rules of courtship and the strictures of small communities. She came to see the Order Set Apart as her only escape route, inspiring in her a sort of desperate dedication that, combined with her searches through scripture, was recognized by her Steward as potential to be a Dog. Finally on the path to the only viable option she sees, Rebecca plans to be a Dog the rest of her life, understanding that said life will probably be short.

She comes from a Complicated Community background.

Acuity 4D6
Heart 3D6
Body 3D6
Will 5D6

Pragmatic 2D8
Patient 2D6
Broke Horses With Father 2D6 (I swear I didn't copy that from the book!)
Knows Her Scripture 1D6
Self-Sacrifice 1D6

The Order Set Apart: 2D10
Abigail Tomson (the girl who wanted Rebecca to stay): 3d4
Joseph Meyer (Father): 2D6
Free Dice: 1D4 1D6 2D8

Gun: 1D6+1D4
Coat: 2D6 (patterned strips of blue, grey, and white; across the back are pictured the Four Brides; Abigail did the chestpiece)
Prudence (Horse): 2d8

I am jumping up and fucking down looking forward to playing Dogs on Saturday -- I mean, I'm sitting at work, but I'm jumping on the inside.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger James Stein said...

You just made me order Dogs In the Vineyard.


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