Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Demand from Brand

I demand from Brand an "After-Action Report" on his soon-to-be published India supplement that has a funky Indian name I've forgotten. You mentioned in passing the difficulties of game balance so important to d20, and translating Eastern material to what is an often unconsciously Western RPG structure.

I know you've got your back to the wall with other deadlines, so I thought I'd throw another item on the pile. That, and you haven't updated Yuthie's Dice in like, forever.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Bankuei said...

Maybe he has to wander the forest in exile with his hair matted before he can update more? :P Those darn Rakshasas can get in the way, too.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Bradley "Brand" Robins said...

I'll tell, I'll tell! Once I get done with my current project or four, I'll do a Yud's dice entry about it -- both about what I think I did right, and what I think I wasn't able to do.

In the end the truth is that I just subverted what parts of D&D I could (class and level based systems actually go well with caste based dharma, ya know) and then went with the "make it a game D&D players will like, with options for other people to expand from." Lots of looking at core stories and stuff.

Mostly, this is because I was writing the game for a publisher. Its his money going into it, not mine, and so he (rightly) got final say. As an experience the thing it made me think about more than anything else was the difference in approach and mass-market view between Indy and Press games -- and how very tangible the difference actually is to the process of writing.


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