Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cross-Model Note

As IM is a "horizontal" cross-section of gaming as opposed to Big Model's "vertical" top-down view, sometimes they can express each other's bits and pieces from a different point of view. Here's a quick one:

Under IM, you frame scenes so that they will address the current situation. The situation is, in turn, focused (imbuing interaction) from player Goals. If players are pursuing a Creative Agenda, it will reside here, and it will influence their focusing interactions -- specifically, if they are playing Narrativist, they will focus the situation to present moral dilemmas; if they are playing Gamist, they will focus the situation to present challenges; if they are playing Simulationist, they'll focus the situation to highlight a portion of the source material that they want to celebrate (or whatever it is the Sim play does). Once they've done that, scenes will proceed to address the moral dilemma, address the challenge, or address the content, fulfilling the CA. It's another one of those reach-around complements: focusing (imbuing) complemented by steering and framing (articulation).


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