Thursday, November 10, 2005

Full Light, Full Steam -- Complete!

Yeah, you thought I was done writing. I fucking wish. This is about Vincent's definition of a complete game and how FLFS shapes up.

1) Mechanical rules for opposition, situation, IIEE, resolution and outcome. They should include both a reward mechanism and a positioning mechanism.

Opposition - die checks*
Situation - Storymapping
IIEE - Direction rules
Resolution - die checks
Outcome - Direction
Reward - Thematic Batteries and Spoils
Positioning - Thematic Batteries

*unless Vincent means something other than what I think he means.

2) Mechanical rules establishing each player's starting position wrt resolution and reward for sure, and the others as appropriate.

Character stats are a very solid predicter of character abilities to resolve conflicts.
Thematic Batteries are a clear and flexible means to gain effectiveness-rewards.
Others' TBs are a clear means to gain experience-rewards.

3) Rules or guidelines providing each player with an answer, at every moment, to "what should I be doing right now?"

You're either narrating, listening, interjecting, or interrupting. The Direction rules, if followed, will be the cleanest and least-noticed part that fundamentally changes the way the players game.

4) Enough material to kick the players without any further work on their part into agreement about at least two of: characters, situation, setting and color. Characters and setting is the easiest, but not-at-all easy to get right; characters and situation is the easiest to get right.

Color and Setting. It's a big, bold, gloriously and disgustingly lurid world. Whabang!

5) Rules or guidelines for coming to agreement about the other two.

Characters - First Session discussions on Power Level and communal cgen
Situation - Generated by Thematic Batteries

6) Violence, sex, children, money, God, or art.

Violence (navy), money (imperialism and colonialism, pirate-hunting), some God (proselytizing to aliens), some sex (womens in the navy, oh my!) I just have to write it, rather than write about it.


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