Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vacation Writing

So I went through the Playing the Game half of Full Light, Full Steam and styled it so now it's all consistent and ten thousand times easier for someone who is not me to read and understand. Then I beat the shit out of the old Storymapping chapter, diced it up and cut off all the useful parts, then shuffled them into the order needed for the new Engineering the Situation chapter. Wrote a few transitions, stringing the bits together into some semblance of sense. (Isn't it nice when you realize that you don't actually have to write as much as you thought you might?)

Segments Left to Write:
  • Remainder of Engineering the Situation (~1000 words)

  • Attention, Brave Young Boys! (~1000 words)

  • Organization of a Solar Steamer Crew (~1000 words)

  • Aphrodite and Ishtar, British Venus (~2000 words)

  • Kanykeys, Dutch Venus (~500 words)

  • Deimos, Japanese port (~500 words)

  • Various Lunar Ports (rethinking this section entirely)

  • Sollardam, Dutch Mercury (~1500 words)

  • Vulcan (~2000 words)

  • Asteroid Belt: Overview (~250 words)

  • Mechanical Engineering (although I may skip this one in the final analysis)

Then I do the big copy-paste of the Setting half of the book, apply styles, do a line-by-line copy edit, and holy shit I have a playtest edition!


At 2:09 AM, Blogger Victor Gijsbers said...

Good luck! I'm not sure what the 'Dutch'-sections are about, but if you need any advice on whether names sound suitably Dutch or anything, you can of course contact me.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Joshua BishopRoby said...

Thanks, Victor! The only real Dutch 'word' I have is Sollardam, a port on Mercury that tends towards the cosmopolitain.

Kanykeys (not even sure if I'm spelling that right) is, like Ishtar, Aphrodite, and Lada, taken off of NASA survey maps of Venus. It's anachronistic, but I found it useful.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger xenopulse said...

I'm looking forward to reading it, especially how the thematic batteries are all linked up in the playtest version. I haven't actually seen your previous draft, but whenever I read on your blog about tapping other players' batteries, it sounds like an extremely good interplay.

And I guess there are no German sections, huh? :)

- Christian

At 12:56 AM, Blogger Joshua BishopRoby said...

I finally just decided to ditch the Germans. In the end, I reasoned that the game is mostly set in the colonies, and Germany never really got into colonization, being such a late player (so they ended up 'colonizing' Europe a few decades later). That said, I may throw them back in.

Alternately, it's pretty simple for an actual playgroup to include them, as the "setting" is 90% evocative and 10% prescriptive, and all players have pretty potent powers over content.

I haven't actually released a previous draft yet -- playtest edition will be the first, and I haven't decided if I'll be releasing for anybody to download or just getting signed-up playtesters copies. The many ultimately futile questions that the beleaugered designer must face!

At 4:49 AM, Blogger Victor Gijsbers said...

Joshua, is the 'Sollar' in 'Sollardam' meant to invoke the association 'solar'?

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Joshua BishopRoby said...

It is, Victor. It's also a relic term from... um, like five or six years ago, so it's incredibly suspect. Is it way the hell off base?


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